Site Services are specialists in the installation of raised access flooring, flooring platforms, raised floor systems, accessible flooring and modular flooring throughout the United Kingdom

A raised floor is a type of floor primarily used in offices with cables, piping, wiring and electrical supplies fed underneath. Additional structural support and lighting are often provided when a floor is raised enough for a person to crawl or even walk beneath it. Raised floors can be used as a method of cooling a building by passing chilled water pipes underneath

Raised floors usually consist of a gridded metal framework of height-adjustable legs that provide support for individual floor panels, which can easily be removed to give access to the crawl-space beneath.

Site Services' raised access floors present the ideal solution to the ever increasing demands of modern offices. The development of technology and changes in office requirements means a high performance and adaptable solution is needed.

Raised Access Floor solutions from Site Services facilitate the delivery of data and IT cables, telecommunications, water and power precisely where required and can easily reconfigured when presented with changing user requirements. 

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